My priorities for new projects are:

  • working remotely most of the time
  • nice people
  • adequate pay
  • modern technology stack


  • Physics (2 years), Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universit├Ąt Frankfurt a. Main
  • Computer Science (6 years), Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt

Projects (samples)

AXAdeveloperImplementation and test of a configurable JAAS-based authentication and authorization module for DOPiX and for the connection to AXA’s own authentication and authorization systems. Helped customer to integrate their systems and thereby using resources more efficiently.
Bouncy BytesleadConception, development, and maintenance of a Java EE based content management system as standard product for industrial customers. Enabled their customers to quickly bring content to the web in a safe, customizable, and maintainable way.
DEVKdeveloperImplementation of a Spring Batch based document export and processing system. Development of a solution for performance-optimizing control of a distributed environment. Connections to Oracle and DB2 databases and DOPiX. Use of existing CI infrastructure (Jenkins). Enabled the customer to completely process all documents before the next working day.
DMG MORI FinancedeveloperImplementation of a highly configurable Data-Warehouse software written in JavaScript. The purpose of this software is to facilitate the migration and transformation of data from various sources into a unified and structured format within a Data-Warehouse. Using JavaScript, it allows users to extract data from different databases, APIs, and flat files. It transforms the collected data by cleaning, validating, and structuring it as required. The result is clean, reliable data presented in a way that can be used for reporting, analytics, and decision-making. It plays an integral role in transforming large volumes of raw data into an insightful, coherent format for enterprise intelligence.
GEI/T-SystemsdeveloperConception, development, and documentation of test software for programmable logic controllers. Reduced relevant bug reports from their customers to nearly none.
Honda BankdeveloperDevelopment of a central database for reporting: approx. 90 import and export interfaces of various data formats. Data exchange with Temenos Core Banking System directly and via integration with Frametexx. Import and processing of ZEDA data (EBCDIC) from host systems. CI with Hudson, later Jenkins. Gave customer the feedback (dashboards and details) needed to improve their offerings.
Honda MotordeveloperDevelopment and maintenance of an online software system for sales assistance, backend development with Java, web client in JavaScript, application server WebSphere, SAP connection, and database connection to DB2. Automated import/export interfaces with ETL tool Talend. Improved communication between Honda and their dealerships which led to more car sales.
HSH NordbankdeveloperDevelopment of import and export interfaces for contract data into Oracle databases for connection to external programs, especially risk management systems. Solutions with Java and PL/SQL. Enabled customer to perform the legally required reporting and gain more insights into the risks.
Ippen DigitaldeveloperPre-processing and processing of log data in real time. Consolidation, analysis, and supply of a recommendation system based on previous user behavior (Hadoop, Kafka with Scala and Akka). Enabled customer to increase conversion rate.
KVB MembersleadImplementation of optimization software for the planning of the emergency medical service (with a constraint solver). Use of an application server and the programming language Kotlin. Dramatically reduced time spent coordinating shift swapping.
TalosdeveloperCreation of an online portal for temporary work placement and associated processes. Use of a distributed architecture based on microservices, Node.js, Nats, and MongoDB. Helped customer to quickly react to changes required by their customers.
DoDdeveloperConception, realization, and test of an automatic load-planning and verification system for cargo aircraft considering operational and legal requirements for use on-site. Enabled customer to reduce turnaround time of aircraft.


  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Government


  • General problem solving skills
  • Java Virtual Machine: Java, Kotlin, Scala
  • Other programming languages: Go, Python, Typescript, JavaScript/Node.js, Rust, C/C++
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, DB2, Oracle, MongoDB
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ, Nats, Kafka
  • Development infrastructure
    • Jetbrains IDEs (IDEA, DataGrip, GoLand, PyCharm, RustRover, CLion etc.), VSCode
    • CI with Jenkins or GitLab
    • Build tools Maven, Ant, Gradle, Make
    • JIRA/Confluence, GitLab, YouTrack
    • Git, Subversion
    • Others: VPN, Docker
  • Application server: Tomcat, JBoss
  • Front end: some React, Vue, Angular, and Polymer
  • Operating system: Linux, Windows, Android
  • Project management methodology
    • Agile, Scrum
    • Kanban
    • Waterfall
  • Spoken languages
    • German (native language)
    • English

Note: I am strongly opposed to the use of AI in the hiring process. Human judgment is essential in evaluating candidates, and relying on AI tools can lead to unfair and unethical hiring practices.