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My findings while exploring various aspects of programming.

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Anatomy of problem solving

We are software developers and solving problems is what we do. But how do we do it? And what is a problem? What are the constraints?

We …

Cumulative standard normal distribution

I’ve written about the use of the central limit theorem (CLT) to solve some problems in statistics before . It involves …

Tail recursion with trampoline in Go (Golang)

The Go compiler is another example for missing support for proper tail call optimization. It’s a deliberate choice: reusing and …

Tail recursion with trampoline

In case your platform lacks support for proper tail call optimization and you want to do functional programming, you might run into …

Aggregates with Jetbrains Exposed SQL Framework

Since I currently generate the web pages for this blog with a static website generator called Hugo , I will have no out-of-the-box …


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I work as an independent software developer since more than 15 years. Industries I’ve worked in include Health Care, Banking, Government, Military, and Automotive. Mostly I worked on internal projects, but also some software products. My mother tongue is German.


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